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Monday 5/12/14

Back squat – 81% x 3 x (6 to 8)

5 rounds, 90 sec rest between rounds
5 dead lifts 275/185
10 max height wall balls 20/14
15 hand release push ups

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General Information

NameBreaking Point Fitness CrossFit Rid...
OwnerJim Pfromm
Phone(215) 483-5131
Address5400 Ridge Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19128

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A very Happy Birthday to one of our founding members, Jeremy! You are such a kind soul & our community wouldn't be the same without you & your soundtracks for Open gym ;) #crossfithorsepower

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Thank you to everybody who yelped us last month, and congratulations to Holly Rogers for winning the yelp drawing! She won a 60 minute private session with a vault coach, and 50% off her next month! #poweredbyhylete #banditnation #noho #lifeinabox #memberappreciation #killcliff #prizes #community #fitness #yelp #motivation #workhard #workout #health #vaultcrossfit

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Deadlift tabata fun! WOD: 3RFT: (14:00 cap) 75double-single unders (15DU;15single;15DU;15single;15DU) 15 back squats from ground(185/125) 15 Burpee pull ups Part B: Deadlift tabata(315/205) #deadlift #tabata #banditnation #reconnutrition #killcliff #workout #fitness #health #lifeinabox #wod #trainlikeanathlete #mondaymotivation #noho #poweredbyhylete

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Adv WOD for Tuesday 7/7 1) snatch 1×3@65%, 1×3@75%, 1×3@85%, 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 1×3@90% 2) Power jerk from behind head 1×3@65%, 1×3@75%, 1×3@85%, 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 1×3@90% 3) Clean grip lift off 1×3@80%, 1×3@90%, 1×3@100%, 1×3@110%, 1×3@120%, 1×3@130% 4) Front squat 1×3@60%, 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 1×3@90%, 1×3@90+%-3(establish new 3rm), 1×3@80% *Outlaw Metcon: Same As Daily

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WOD for Tuesday 7/7/15: *2 min: scap mash, calf mash, couch stretch *1 min: calf stretch, banded shoulder distraction, Sampson stretch 1. Warm Up (2 min DUs then 3 rds: 5 Single leg KB deadlifts, 5 wall kick ups, 5 hang power cleans to press, 5 iron cross/scorpions, 10 Russian swings, 20 sec bar hang in hollow rock, 10 pass throughs) 2. 5 rds of Rowling (make a bet :) 3. WOD 1-Complete: -25 Box Jumps (24,20) -5 Power Cleans (155,85) -20 Box Jumps -8 Power Cleans -15 Box Jumps -11 Power Cleans -10 Box Jumps -14 Power Cleans -5 Box Jumps -17 Power Cleans

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Burn WOD for Tuesday 7/7: 1) WOD 1- 10 min AMRAP of: 10 Burpee Box Jumps 10 Jumping Pull Ups 10 Wall Balls *2 min Rest 2) WOD 2-Tabata Mash: Lateral Raises, Push Ups, Lunges, Abmats CASH OUT: 2 min Wall Sits, 30 Leg Lifts

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Tuesday, July 7 -

Vault CrossFit posted an article
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Our athletes are AMAZING!

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You guys, our very own Pete Mann will be playing with his band DJ and the Greenleas this Thursday, July 9th from 8-10:30pm at Warszawa. Pete, among many talents, plays the sh*t out of a mandolin. Come see Pete! #warszawa #talentedcommunity #djandthegreenleas

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Monday Madness! #vault #Crossfit #bandits #banditnation #monday #herewego #workout #feelgood #startweekright #strong #push #motivation #strength #grow #challenge #boxlife #fitlife WOD: 3 rounds for time (14m cap) *75 reps double single unders (15 double, 15 single to 75) *15 reps back squats *15 reps Burpee pull ups Part B: Deadlift TABATA 8 rounds of 20 sec on 10 sec rest

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Sandra last did "Grace" in November, and today she did it again but 20lbs heavier than last time and also shaved about 20+ seconds off of her time!

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MOBILITY CLASS: LOW BACK AND HIPS Tuesday July 7th @6:30 Dr. Mike will be here to teach everyone how to care for your hips and lower back. Join us and feel free to bring a friend!

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CrossFit Heat shared a link on Facebook Ever feel like this after a good class?

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PR board for the month June. For July, we are focusing on getting comortable in the bottom of a squat. Look for a weekly squat challenge, as well as some good pistol work. Be sure and watch todays video on the website, as a throwback to good squat technique Enjoy

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Yeah to Jenn for setting a new personal record this morning! She was able to do "Grace" as prescribed today (30 clean & jerks @ 95lbs) for the first time. Did it in 5:08!

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CrossFit Counter Culture - Group Class Warm-up 20 Jumping Jacks 20 Air Squat 1 min Hollow Hold 20 V-ups 2 Rounds x-outs x 12 Reps y-outs x 12 Reps B-Warm Up Strength 10 min Emom 1 Snatch + 3 OHS Metcon Metcon (Time) 3 Rounds 30 wallball 20/14 25 Sdhp 75/55 20 Pull up 15 Box jump 24/20

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What are we up to this week?! Check it out:

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Monday's WOD is posted! See you then.

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If you have not read this, you should. It's pretty amazing.

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Test week is upon us Ladies and Genltlemen. Rule #3 is in full effect. Keep your coffee strong and your music loud this week. Video your PRs! Performance A) 20 minutes to establish a 5RM Back Squat B) 3 Rounds For Time 21 Wall Balls 20/14 14 Hand Stand Push Ups 7 Deadlifts @75% of 1RM Deadlift A) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat B) Back Squat x Max Reps at 85% C) Linchpin Test #3 3 Rounds For Time 21 Wall Balls 20/14 14 Hand Stand Push Ups 7 Deadlifts 315/205

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MOD for Monday 6 July, 2015 Fast effective way to improve the bottom position of your squat. Focus on head and chest up. Do post-WOD or better yet a few minutes before class since we are back squatting today!

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7/6/15 5 rft 25' Barbell O/H Walking Lunges 135/95 15 K2Es 7/7/15 WOD 1: Mini Abs Kicker 2.0 AMRAP12 15 Situps 15 4ct flutter kicks 15 Leg Levers WOD 2: Floor Press 5-5-5-5-5 7/8/15 "Leginator" 4 rft Run 400m 50 Squats 7/9/15 3 rft 7 bar muscle ups 7 Squat Clean & Jerks Rx = 205/135 7/10/15 WOD 1: 3 rft… [ 87 more words. ]

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7/4/15 WOD

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YOGA CLASS CHANGES: No Tuesday 8am class any more Thursday at 6:30 is still on! Next week, 7/15 starts Wed class at 7pm

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Thanks to everyone that came out for some 4th of July CrossFit fun! We had a great workout and mimosas! A great way to start the day off right!

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Monday Deloading June 6th/Tier2

Mahoney CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

Monday Deloading June 6th/Mass&Performance

Mahoney CrossFit shared a link on Facebook

MondayDeloading June 6th/BogaTyr

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Ready to sweat!? Come try DYNAMIX! This class is a high energy 60-minute class that blends a fast-paced cardio workout with high interval body weight exercises mixed with light resistance training! Much like a bootcamp, this class is perfect for the athlete looking for a non-stop, action-packed hour of exercise, without the heavy weightlifting. DYNAMIX is geared for the individual looking to increase cardio, muscle tone, flexibility and overall fitness. ***Share with a family member or friend and enter to win a free Amped T shirt when they book their first class! schedule first free session at

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Jared and Emily tied the knot today!!! Congrats to two hard-working and amazing people!!!! #loveandweights #coupleswhosweattogether

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Monday I. Strength Back Squat 2 x 3 80% 5 x 5 +10 2 x ME +10 II. WOD (135/95) Rx WOD - Grace or Rx+ WOD - Isabel - 10 minute time cap -

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Here you go.... In case you needed a reason to come in tomorrow! :)

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I have decided to keep the 6:30am class until school resumes in September. Please watch though because when I travel they will be limited. The rest of the schedule has resumed to normal with the exception of Friday at 4:30 which is now non existent. Have a great week, see you soon!!! ~Jess~

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Meet Courtney Bylin, one of our amazing Iron Bar athletes. Outside of the box, Courtney is the mother of two awesome little boys. Hadyn is 3 and Grayson just turned 10 months old. She spends most of her days coloring and playing with various trucks. Her husband is a firefighter for East Pierce Fire and Rescue so their schedules are very random. When time allows, she substitute teaches for Sumner School District and attends Greenriver in their Physical Therapy Assistant Program. Courtney is a tried and true cardio junkie! She loves to run, hike, bike and may be slightly addicted to Insanity videos. In the last three years, Courtney has completed 5 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and a half Iron Man Triathlon! Her goal is to complete a full Iron Man by Summer 2016 (WOW!!). To relax, she loves to cook and play in her garden with her boys. Courtney originally came to The Iron Bar to attempt to lose the 70 pounds she gained during pregnancy. She had a friend who did the trial period and spoke very highly of it. She had tried out various CrossFit boxes before and loved the workouts, but could never really say she loved the environment. The Iron Bar has far exceeded her expectations for providing a welcoming environment for all individuals at all different fitness levels. She said she has never felt uncomfortable or less important than any other athlete at The Iron Bar. Coming to the box has not only helped her to shed 58 pounds, but it has made her a better athlete. When she started coming in October she ran a 12 minute mile and is currently back down to a comfortable 8.5 minute mile. If Courtney could give a new member some advice, she says she would tell new members that it is never too early to start. No matter what your current fitness level is, The Iron Bar staff can help you accomplish your goals in a safe and caring environment. She says our bodies are capable of pretty amazing things and the staff here knows that, which is why they push you to better yourself both physically and socially! If you see Courtney around, give her a high five! Her positive attitude is inspirational and she's just all-around pretty amazing!

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Monday, July 6th Strength Take 15 Minutes to find your... 1 Rep Max Front Squat Recommend using the following rep scheme: 5 @ 40% 5 @ 50% 3 @ 60% 3 @ 70% 1 @ 80%-85% 1 @ 85%-95% 1 @ 95%-100+% Note: When finding a proper 1 Rep Max there are a few things to keep in mind. 1st and foremost, maintain great form. A 1 Rep Max should be repeatable. If managed to lift a 150 LB bar one day and could never seem to get within 20 LBs of that again, was that really a good 150 LB lift? Our goal at Outcome is to produce repeatable results. To do that, everyone should always maintain proper form. The second part of finding your 1 Rep Max is the rep scheme you use to get there. The scheme above allows for several reps at a warm up weight (40-60 %) and then starts your working sets at 70%. When you are within 90-95% of your 1RM you should find that the barbell is quite heavy. If you choose to increase your weights after that, do it in little jumps. If my 1RM was 150 LBs I would shoot for 95-98% of that. If that lift felt good, I would go for 101%. Too often I see folks just slapping 10s on each side as if the only way to go up in weight is by 20 LBs. We have lots of fractional plates, please use them. Be safe, have fun and lift all the weights! Workout of the Day 1 Minute Max Rep Double Unders And then 5 rounds of: 9 Thrusters 9 Pull-Ups (Ring Rows Mod) 200 M Run And then do your # from Max Rep Double Unders Fitness: 45/65 Performance: 65/95 Competition 95/135

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Come join us!

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We've don't this before. May need to do it again!

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